Brandon Townsend

Brandon Townsend

Lexington, KY, US

Artwork Viewing System
Artwork Viewing System
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Cincinnati Art Museum Remodel

A two part studio assignment dealing with how we can bring together people and art? How can we show 20,000 works on paper to be always on display? For my partner and I, the way to bring people and art together was by changing the viewing plane of the art and yoursef. No longer were you to stand 3ft. away and stare at a vertical painting, but now you are to sit relax and lounge with the art. In the Schmidlapp Gallery, we sought to create a landscape of comfort for both you and the art to enjoy together. The second part of the studio dealt with artwork delivery. How can you show 20,000 works on paper ready to be displayed at moments notice? By placing the works in the floor and usng proximity sensors to raise and lower the painting as you reach a certain distance. This allowed for pure user interaction to show the artwork.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Ross Graham


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