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    Sydney Opera House Inspires New Perth Concert Hall

    To kick start my blog, I have selected a topic which caused quite the conundrum in Sydney and Perth.

    It's the ambitious proposition of a Perth-based architect of a new concert hall in his hometown. While there wasn't a competition or even rumours of plans for such a landmark, Mr O'Riley states that he has been working on his idea as a private project.

    O'Riley, director of ​Visionary Vanguard - specialising in large-scale residential projects, spent five years on his passion project working out all the details from the location and its indigenous heritage to the $1.2 billion building design with the concert hall designed to be "​the living embodiment is you being inside a musical instrument, a sculpture, something that is dynamic and inspirational". 

    However, the bold project has stirred quite the dispute not only in Perth but also in other - mostly in Sydney as the entire design resembles suspiciously to the Sydney Opera House... and according to some to an ​echidna...

    The love-hate relationship Aussies have with the idea has another aspect to it. According to O'Riley Perth needs an iconic building. Again, just like Sydne's opera house. On the one hand it will serve its designated purpose as a concert hall. On the other, this controversial design might just become a tourist destination. 

    My food for though today: What do you think about iconic building and their significance to a city's image, both nationally and internationally?

    Construction of Sydney Opera House in 1973


    • OM..
      May 14, 14 5:41 pm

      Luckily this just further proves that anyone can make renderings and talk about them as if they were real projects. Looks good though...

      May 16, 14 11:33 am


      On the first question, yes: iconic buildings (good ones and bad ones) are important in many aspects of urbanism and economics.  No secret.

      On OM's more pointed comment: also yes.  Rendering =/= project.  (Great image, by the way, and much more interesting than the Perth swoopy doops.)

      Margaret SwantonMargaret Swanton
      May 20, 14 2:40 am

      Can't agree more with both of you. But OM's image really nailed it :)

      Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
      May 21, 14 8:12 pm

      The best thing about CAD is that any idiot can be the best architect in the world.

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