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    [Re_Map] 4599: Post-Conflict

    [Re_Map]drl Oct 22 '13 0


    This blog will document the research undertaken by the Enigma group within Manchester School of Architecture’s [Re_Map] atelier. [Re_Map] seeks to reveal the undiscovered and often intricate elements of cities. Employing the process of a data dérive, mapping methodologies will be used to clarify and condense data into communicable representations that investigate the theme of post-conflict within the British city of Coventry.


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About this Blog

We are preoccupied with data, mapping, networks, representation and visualization. We are interested in the contemporary city as a political, economic, social and cultural hybrid in flux rather than as a fixed place.

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  • [Re_Map]drl

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  • [Re_Map] 4599: Post-Conflict
    Oct 22 '13

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