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by Mitch McEwen

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    Columbia GSAPP Shocker

    Mitch McEwen
    Sep 23, '13 8:41 PM EST

    I can't believe Wigley is stepping down from the Dean position at Columbia GSAPP.  The Studio X infrastructure seemed to be still ramping up and ready to take over another continent.  Like Antarctica, for example.

    This makes me feel like I must have reached mid-career already, since I started in grad school at GSAPP the year that Wigley became Dean.  

    Some work from that year is below.  I'm incredibly curious what is next at Columbia now. 

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    • Thayer-D

      "I'm incredibly curious what is next at Columbia now."

      The winds of architectural fashion blow swiftly.  NEXT!!!

      Sep 26, 13 7:47 am

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