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    trainwreck Sep 22 '13 0

    During the first week a visit to Kielder, Northumberland was organised. We walked 1 and a half miles to the observatory and the James Turrell 'sky space' building. Although the walk was so unenjoyable, the views standing on the observatory were not. During my foundation diploma at college I based an entire project on this observatory but had never had the pleasure of visiting it in person, so today was really inspiring to get to see what I had been working on for 4 months earlier in the year. Although the structure is entirely right angled, I think this creates a really beautiful piece. Especially when joined with the wooden cladding it give it a really beautiful finishing. 


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I am currently starting my degree in Architecture in the UK and wanted to create a blog about my journey from the beginning, about new information I am learning about, thoughts and opinions of existing designs that I am being introduced to, the process of learning throughout my degree and sharing my experiences and work with others. I feel showing many new prospectus students my experience it may encourage and inspire their decision to study such an inspiring area of our every day life.

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