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    trainwreck Sep 14 '13 2

    So here it is, I am preparing myself to start what can only be described as the most nerve wracking experience in a teenagers life, university. Although living at my parents home for my first year (yes, I got cold feet) I am still DREADING the moment of entering the lecture theature to find those many faces staring at me, instantly judging everything about me. Anyway, last week I received my timetable and it is what only can be described as brutal. Although expected to have long hours and long days throughout an Architecture degree, I did not expect 9 to 5 days, every day! In addition, I received a list of equipment that I may need throughout the 3 years. Well, lets just say its possibly a good thing that I am staying at home and having my meals and washing paid for me.  



      Sep 14, 13 3:18 pm

      Hello SarahJ. I like the content of your blog as I've been there before expect my version would be the US version as oppose to the UK. Check out my blog, Mapping my Masters, as a preview of what you can be looking forward to after your undergraduate is complete. Hang in there and best of luck to you in your studies.

      Sep 22, 13 4:32 pm

      Aw thanks so much its going great so far I am loving it. Ill take a look at your blog thanks again!

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I am currently starting my degree in Architecture in the UK and wanted to create a blog about my journey from the beginning, about new information I am learning about, thoughts and opinions of existing designs that I am being introduced to, the process of learning throughout my degree and sharing my experiences and work with others. I feel showing many new prospectus students my experience it may encourage and inspire their decision to study such an inspiring area of our every day life.

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