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    Curiosities: One documentary you have to watch today

    studiostumpo Jun 24 '13 0

    Since the fall of 2012 I’ve been collaborating with the Architecture Department, more specifically with the Annex Lecture Series, at my school at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Here we have had the chance to welcome some great keynote speakers like Kent Larson, Kiel Moe and Charles Waldheim, but this time the post is about a documentary that was included in the calendar of events and that I’m still thinking about today – a couple of months after seeing.


    I know, after being lectured by the director of the MIT Media Lab and the GSD Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture I should probably be commenting on that (I do wanna include more posts with the highlights of their lectures) but I’m here to share with you those curiosities, that directly or indirectly affect the architecture field we all living in and ultimately our lives.

    The documentary is Manufactured Landscapes, written and directed by world-known photographer Edward Burtinsky. This 90 minutes film follows him through China, as he shoots damaged recycling yards, factories and mountains of leftovers of the country’s ongoing massive industrial revolution. With extremely care and large-scale photographs, he achieves to transport the viewer to this unknown world to truly showcase the impact we have as consumerist society to our world (without being to exaggerate, I couldn’t help to thick about Wall-E and imagine how it might be in a not-so-distant future.) Anyway, Burtinsky achieves to takes us to places we never thought even existed.

    The extended shots and the narrative of the film, in combination with Burtinsky’s striking photography work, allows us to not only contemplate these manufactured landscapes, but to also mediate and wonder what’s going on with these areas of the world, both the epicenters of industrial endeavor and the dumping grounds of the waste generated.

    I encourage everyone to watch this, but before you do, ask yourselves what do you think about the world where we are in living today. I’m sure the answer won’t be the same after this. This documentary is definitely a reality check, as it manages to shift our consciousness about the world and the way we live in it.

    I'll be posting every week and once again don’t miss this and let me know your opinion. Thanks for reading!

    Francesco @studiostumpo

    If you are interested in more information, here a TED Talk by Burtinsky:

    Manufactured Landscape Official Trailer

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