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    Oakhay Apr 2 '13 1

    The Jones Center for Contemporary Art in Austin, Texas designed by Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis Architects houses, in my opinion, one of the best grand staircases I have ever experienced. Upon entering the lobby of the Jones center you will encounter an information desk constructed of metal and wood. The wood table top, which aspires to be more than just a desk, reaches over to the right to becomes one of the staircase treads. The wooden treads of the staircase seemingly float in place and fold up to become the wall of one side of the stairwell. The large gallery at the top of the stair is a warehouse-like double height space. The folding bands of wood lead you upwards and have the effect of highlighting the changing of scales between the space you just left and the space you are heading towards. The feeling of shifting scales is made more acute by the relatively narrow width of the stairwell which encourages your focus upwards.


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