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    "Architecture Must Burn"

    Noam Saragosti Feb 22 '13 1

    Class: DECAF- Digitally Enhanced Construction and Fabrication

    Working off of Coop Himmelblau’s dictum, “Architecture must burn,” our class is attempting to fabricate a wax wall installation to ultimately burn at our quarterly department exhibit. This experiment focuses on techniques of mold-making and assembly, which is meant to parallel pre-cast concrete construction. We began by presenting different proposals, which led to the creation of two teams. We are now operating as an entire class of 19 students, focusing in on individual components. 

    This was my preliminary proposal. It was completely unresolved, but enabled me to get a couple of ideas out. 

    The initial pattern (01) was chosen from a variety of a few different intersecting grids. The panels (02,03) were then teased out of the pattern as soft topographic pillows, which would utilize a flexible mold system using fabric and adjustable frames to get varying sizes and depths. The panels would be cast onto a metal frame (04), which is also based on the initial pattern. The metal frame would slowly reveal itself as the wax burnt off.

    This drawing shows the intent of projecting some sort of tattooed black/white pattern onto the entire walls. This could either be cast into the panels using different colored waxes, or actually projected onto the wall digitally as it burned. 

    We are now in the process of experimenting with the flexible molds.

    These photos show some of the initial tests. Credit: Erika Mendez, Shahrzad Razi, Chelsea Morris Woodward.

    More to come...


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    • Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
      Feb 22, 13 2:12 pm

      I wonder how much of the political content of the manifesto was explored, should I assume that component of the work is in progress? Are you guys also developing to offer a critical text/manifesto before or during or after the structure is ignited?

      Nevertheless, I plan to be there for the spectacle. 

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