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    Everyone can draw!

    Hi Archinect,

    I am so honored that my blog made Top 12 Blogs for '12 and my profile too! Thanks for reading my blog and having such an active discussion on the topics. It's always great to hear from you. Anyway, on this super cold Sunday, I want to share my recent inspiration with you.

    Since my work is an hour and 15 minutes away from my house (oh suburbs...), I have a carpool buddy to share the ride with occasionally. He's a doctor, who of course makes SO MUCH MORE money than us interns. He had an American dream to make money and live the life he wouldn't be able to live in his own country. Two days ago on our ride home in the snow, for a good two hours, he complained how he doesn't have any talents. "It's like I am not good at anything in life," he said. But I have always believed that everyone has a talent. Most of them, like my friend here, just haven't found it yet. 

    We hear a lot of architects say, "I became an architect because I played legos when I was little." Even though legos and playhouses were really the only thing I would play when I was a kid, I first discovered my talent when my mom bought me a coloring book. Knowing that I liked anything artistic, my mom would send my sister and I to drawing classes on the weekends. From time to time, we would enter drawing competitions, go to art shows, and try out different drawing classes from different teachers. In high school, I minored in life drawing, which made me realize how bad I am at drawing people's faces. I also learned piano, but I am still pretty bad at it. So there is always something that we are good at, something that we are not so good at.

    This leads me to architecture school. There are so many talented people in this unique world where drawing is not the only thing that matters. Some are conceptual like me; some are systematic so they understand structures and construction more than I do; some are theoretical so no one can really understand them; some are good at nothing but talking (the bs people that we all hated). Ironically, we learned more from each other when we were working in studio than in any actual classes. My creativity continued to flow when everyone was not afraid to show their talents in school.

    Then it stopped when I was out of school, looking for a job aimlessly.  One day, I saw Sunni Brown, a doodler/visual note-taker, on Visual Note-taking 101, along with Dave Gray, Mike Rohde, and Austin Kleon. In the video, she explains how she didn't know how to draw at first, but since she's so in love with doodling that she became really good at it. Her encouragement that everyone can draw inspired me to keep pushing and keep drawing.

    I started to believe that everyone can do anything as long as they love it. Be it architecture or art, music or writing, whatever it is that makes you happy, I hope you find it soon. Everyone has their own talent, and the sooner you find it, the sooner you can be really good at it.

    If you are one of those that always say you can't draw, watch the video, pick up a pen today and just start drawing whatever you want to draw.  

    Stay warm everyone!



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