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    Hi, my name is "________"

    Noam Saragosti Jan 27 '13 0

    My name is Noam Saragosti, I am currently a 4th year B.Arch student at Cal Poly Pomona. 


    I am terrible with introductions…

    I was born in 88’ in Kibbutz Yakum in the center of Israel. A kibbutz is basically a small commune, if you want to know more: this and this are good examples. In 99’ my family transported to Fresno, CA where I spent the rest of my teen years. I have three older brothers who are now scattered around the planet. My oldest brother lives in Warsaw with his family and works as a computer engineer, my second oldest brother lives in Tel-Aviv and goes to med school, and my older brother is living in New York and studying architecture at CCNY (also as a 4th year). My parents still reside in Fresno, where I often go to visit them. It was in that wonderful sprawling Central Valley city that I became interested in architectural issues, which eventually led me to Cal Poly Pomona.



    Pomona is located about 45km east of downtown LA and is technically in LA County. The architecture program is geographically removed from the other programs in LA, although interactions do happen from time to time. A recent form of excitement is the appointment of a new department chair, Sarah Lorenzen (as recently news-flashed on Archinect:, It seems that our program will begin to receive more well-deserved publicity.

    This quarter I am enrolled in:
    Seismic Design in Architecture with Gary McGavin
    Topic Studio; “Where Cars Relax”  with Christoph Kapeller
    Regenerative Global Systems with Jerry Mitchell
    DECAF: Digitally Enhanced Construction and Fabrication with Axel  Schmitzberger



    Apart from that I am also part of the local AIAS chapter which includes making posters for events and occasionally taking photos.

    So  yeah… there’s a little more to say about who I am and how I perceive the program here, but I feel I’ve said enough.
    I want this blog to represent a miniscule peek into what goes on here at this school; I am one of roughly 500 students in this program.

    If you have any questions/comments for me please don’t hesitate to contact me through the Archinect email.



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