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    EPMA visit to Liyuan Library by Architect Li Xiaodong

    Elena Papademas Oct 22 '12 6

    At the beginning of the first semester of the EPMA program our class visited the Liyuan Library at the Jiaojiehe village in Huairou country, Beijing. 

    The trip to arrive there was an outstanding experience for me since it was the first time visiting the mountains around Beijing. I could never imagine there was such a beautiful nature and landscape just two hours away from the city center of Beijing.

    As soon as we arrived at the location of the library everybody was very impressed of how naturally this building could fit in the scene.  The raw materials such as timber sticks had successfully created that first impression.

    The whole construction of the building is framed in glass with the wooden timber sticks surrounding.  The wooden sticks allow sunlight to enter and radiate within the building which characterize the building to be essentially environmentally friendly.

    The interior of the building has a lot of level changes connected with movable steps integrated for books.

    This library is defiantly one of the most amazing I have ever seen.  It is open for public use during the weekend and I will  definitely visit again


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In the School of Architecture, the English Program for Master Architecture (EPMA) provides an accredited post-professional program in integrated architectural design. It combines a global network with local implementation. The program is focused on the construction of the human habitat in China, and the application of advanced building technologies.

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