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    Intern 101: How to write an "About Me"

    Hi Archinect,

    With all the websites, blogs and social media profiles, you always need a short bio; may be more so than a resume. As an intern that doesn't have much experience or things to brag about, I have struggled a lot of times writing my own bio. Writing it is not difficult, but making it short and simple is the hardest part.

    I finally came across this very helpful article: The Reume is Dead, The Bio is King by Michael Margolis. Here is a formula that Michael put together:

    • Share a point of view
    • Create a back story
    • Incorporate external validations
    • Invite people into relationship

    Here are some questions that he raised:

    • Who I am (what I do)
    • How can I help you (my skills)
    • How did I get here (school + experience)
    • Why can you trust me (again, valiadations)
    • What we share in common (put something easy to relate to like coffee, yoga...)

    Plus, add your own little twist to spice it up! I also like to put a little “What people say...” section after my bio, just so employers get a sense of me without reading those long reference letters. Testimonials are always good. You can find it on my archinect profile:

    Have you tackled your bio yet? Do you have any suggestions for us interns on how to write our short bio?

    P.S. 99u is such a great website for us creative kinds!

    Thanks for reading.



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