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    #Freitag - #Zurich - Switzerland

    Freda Weng Chu Jun 26 '12 0

    First stop was Zurich, the town is quite nice, it is calm and public transportation is so convenient ! There is no one checking your ticket or anything, such a civilized city. We visited the Freitag building as well. 

    I only stayed here for a night due to flight changes, but I still enjoyed the stay. 

    We went up to the Grossmünster to get the city view all in one ! 

    End of the trip, waiting for the train in the evening 


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I am a MArch student from Washington University in St. Louis, I am currently studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain for 2 months and then I will be abroad for another 4 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to share my traveling and learning experience in Europe and Argentina with others.

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