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    [Photo-essay] Seattle Alleys

    Cairo2seattle Jun 9 '12 0

    In the last couple of weeks i been walking my city trying to discover this hidden places of Seattle. 

    Nord Alley & around  [Pioneer Square] 1

    Nord Alley & around [Pioneer Square] 2

    Post Alley & around [Pike Place Market] 1

    Post Alley & around [Pike Place Market] 2

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Hi, I am Mohammed an Egyptian .... well [Architect] in Egypt or maybe they call it engineer ? anyway i am not that now. why ? because i crossed the border, i am now in Seattle,WA USA and according to AIA i am .... nothing ! so in this blog i will put my experience of crossing borders in post 2008 as an architect from Egypt trying to make it in the west while everyone else is abandoning ship to the east (CHINA) or at least that what i think lol

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