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    leaniejim Jun 3 '12 0

    How else to start with a blog about environmental design program other than the acceptance letter?

    I began working on my application to environmental design ever since I gotten out of high school and thought, “Architecture sounds sorta like my thing. Design with a dash of science. What the hell, there’s nothing else for me anyway.”

    Yes, that is the exact thought process undergrads go through when deciding what to do for the rest of their lives. Surprisingly as I did research into architecture (which involves mostly looking at cool buildings on the internetz) and taking classes at Emily Carr, I loved it a bit more than I expected. And so here I am with this letter clenched in my hand after months of portfolioing and stress later, hoping for the best.

    I decided to start this blog because when I started to google about the ENDS program at ubc, I came up with nothing. Not a single blog or students blabbering and complaining about their studies. When I started to apply to universities, I found that all the other “popular” programs at ubc had students talking about their lives and experiences. To be honest, nobody even really knows that ENDS exists. I hope that by documenting my experience, other potential applicants or curious mouses will be able to find out and be less in the dark.

    I’m sure someone will find these blabbers and rants useful.


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