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    s02 w16 aka what? aka 1/3.5 yrs aka whoa

    Patrick Beseda May 4 '12 0

    Alright, listen.

    Jury was fine. Thank you Marcus, Patricia, Chris, Barbara, and Eric. Your comments were honest, your opinions candid and your critiques constructive.

    First year was great. Thank you Rachel and Matt, I've learned more than I could have hoped. But more important than what I've learned is the way you've taught me to think, and the way you've allowed to to perceive. My eyes feel open.



    Summer: What I want and what I need is very different.

    Second year promises to be even better than the first.


    Keep an eye on "things" this summer to see what I'm up to. Oh yeah, if you’re reading this, you sound cool, let’s hang out. (and may that be the end of my networking efforts)


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