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    Lets start a social network for [buildings]

    Cairo2seattle Apr 26 '12 2

    In the past few weeks while I was nagging my luck and writing a blog post about it ( I still going to post it but not now ) under the name : Good for nothing the story of look promising man. a long name I know but what can I say lol.  so while I was gathering data for my masterpiece  it looked like I opened a mystery box to explore the power of social network. I saw how it created jobs that didn’t need a  years of education and exams to be called later one of 13ths useless jobs (hint architects)

    Architects have tried to conquer the online SN`s or at least some of them tried , Archinect is one of the attempts and so many others. but did they actually reached everyone ? I mean on reaching architecture and even design professionals yea sure maybe they did reach them but did this networks helped the Architecture career ?

    I would like to think that we do is built environment and if we tried to simplify it lets say what we doing is a [ building ]  and if there is something need to speak on behalf of architects is this buildings


    think about it and comment below :) 


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Hi, I am Mohammed an Egyptian .... well [Architect] in Egypt or maybe they call it engineer ? anyway i am not that now. why ? because i crossed the border, i am now in Seattle,WA USA and according to AIA i am .... nothing ! so in this blog i will put my experience of crossing borders in post 2008 as an architect from Egypt trying to make it in the west while everyone else is abandoning ship to the east (CHINA) or at least that what i think lol

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