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    Saving a Blog Post, to Finish Later

    Archinect Mar 21 '12 1

    We've received inquiries, from a number of our bloggers, about how to save a draft while composing a blog post.

    At the moment, we don't provide access to "drafts", but we will in the near future. For the time-being, however, there's a simple little hack (to use the term "hack" very loosely), that will help you accomplish this...

    • Start your blog entry, as usual
    • When you're ready to save it, click the "Preview" button
    • Then click the "Continue editing" button
    • Copy the URL in the address bar and save it somewhere safe, or bookmark this page
    • Return to this page whenever you're ready to finish your blog post
    • When you're ready to make the post live, click Submit

    Hope that helps!


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