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    Patrick Beseda Jan 28 '12 0

    Studio II is in full swing. We've been given a site in the lower Highland Park neighborhood of Denver. It's a 50 foot by 125 foot lot on the NE corner of 33rd and Osage.

    The studio is conducting site context research (meeting the bartenders in the surrounding bars and restaurants) and diagramming the major forces and factors. We've presented on our research and continue to develop opinions about the opportunities at the site.

    This Thursday we were given a postcard with an image and a word on one side. Our task is to develop interpretations and agendas based on the postcards and how the image and word can be applied to the "domestic agenda." This seems to mean that we'll be intervening on the site with some sort of domestic purpose (single family, multi family, some other kind of family...). More diagrams and findings coming soon.


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