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    Rome, Week One: Forum Romanum + Palatine Hill

    jtwang Jan 14 '12 3

    In spring of fourth year, Iowa State architecture students have the option to study in Rome for the semester. This year, 35 architecture students and 2 landscape architecture students have chosen to take advantage of this opportunity.

    As part of our first week of classes, we've been introduced to Rome through a series of walking tours that have taken us through the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Forum Boarium, and the suburb Primavalle.


    January 12: Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill with Jan Gadeyne

    Jan Gadeyne is an archaeologist and historian, and an expert on Ancient Rome. The walk through the Forum and Palatine Hill lasted 3 hours and introduced us to many of the essential architectural monuments of early Roman history.Jan introducing us to materials of the Forum.

    "As you can see, we are inside of a kickass building."

    Forum viewed from the Palatine Hill.

    After this, I plan to make a post on our tour of Forum Boarium and Primavalle.



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