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    1st year student working in progress

    Deli Zhao Nov 19 '11 2

    already midnight at University of Tokyo now,1st year new students @ Obuchi lab are still working on their "generative mass production" project for the 1st stage design review on next monday.

    as a 2nd year student,i found this year's design research topic for workshop one(to design a material system for a "generative mass production process ")  is harder than what i have done in last year that was simply the "form finding" process.

    new students not only need to consider material properties but also have to design a "material tectonic system or device" to produce "difference" among each generation of the form, which generated "different-local" is going to compute a complex based on the emerged connections they gave.

    or in other words,1st form produced from the designed "material tectonic system" will be the next form's formwork. this "generative mass production process" gives an innovative strategy to reducing 60% construction cost from the conventional formwork in contemporary architectural construction process.

    so perhaps the most important thing for new students is that,they have to have the "material tectonic device" at first, then they can move forward to produce different generation of forms(by changing set-up/variation,etc) for potential  multiple  complex geometries.thus,it is harder due to it is a linear design process of this year's workshop-1's design tasks.contrarily,for last year's "form finding" design process we have done,if some guy was lucky during the design process who could directly get a proper "material system" even people didnt know what had been produced by simply manipulating local-global relationship within material properties.unfortunately,for new students,they can never have that kind of luck.again,if they dont have a right and clear "material tectonic system or device" at beginning,then they will never have the proper design outcomes for next step's design research requirement:"simulating the whole material tectonic process/behaviours in digital environment".

    for me it is so interesting to see their whole design developments.of course got to learn a lot from them.

    anyway,here r their working in progress images.....................







    • roger.vs
      Nov 20, 11 4:31 am


      Probably a lot of people have already asked you this, but while I was looking in the internet for advices to how to get in Toudai I found this blog. After reading a bit it just made my dream to get in there bigger, so I was wondering if you could explain to me how did you get in, or any other type of help. I'll be eternally grateful. 


      Roger ;)

      Nov 20, 11 11:36 am

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for your interest about Todai.

      Please first have a look here: where the website has the whole procedures for application of "G30 Architecture & Urbanism" program @ Obuchi Lab.

      I'd like to help if you have questions about the Obuchi lab's study and research.



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