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    Kinesthesia - M.Arch.I first year project

    Lian Chikako Chang Oct 16 '11 2

    Hi Archinect!

    The kids did good. Here is the final project from a group of students in the first-year M.Arch.I. Materials and Construction course. They were working with fabric hinges and a geometry that allows for their full-scale mockup to be transformed and configured in a multitude of ways.

    Thanks for looking!


    P.S. Congratulations to the design team--Benjamin Burdick, David Himelman, Wesley Ho, Isis Kayiga, Quyen Luu, Cory Seeger, Annie Wang, Jessie Wilcox, and Tim Zeitler--as well as teaching assistant Michael J. Smith and instructors Danielle Etzler and Mark Mulligan.



    • aramixed
      Oct 17, 11 2:37 am

      Lian, this looks like such an entertaining project. Any idea on what is the maximum number of configurations?

      Thanks for posting this :)

      Lian Chikako Chang
      Oct 17, 11 2:43 pm

      Hey! It might depend on how you count 'em. Some seem to be slight variations, while others offer totally different spatial opportunities. (Yikes, can't believe I just typed 'spatial opportunities.) If a student from the design team is on here, maybe they can chime in?

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