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    Schmancy new website for the GSD

    Lian Chikako Chang Aug 29 '11 0

    Hello Archinect!

    Just a quick note to say that it looks like the GSD's new website, which has been in the works for the past few years, is live!


    I haven't even looked through it yet, but you can check it out here. The site is designed by Lisa Strausfeld's team at Pentagram.

    Thanks for looking!

    P.S. It was a perfect summer day today. Irene, we hardly knew ya!

    image [I went to this place.]

    image [And looked out the window.]

    image [I saw this little building and wondered what its fate would be.]

    image [Then I saw a canopy at Gund Hall by Casey Hughes and Hiroshi Jacobs.]

    image [And we had a barbeque in our backyard.]


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Lectures and exhibitions, life in the trays, happenings around Cambridge...and once in a while, some studio and course work. Please note that all live blogs are abridged and approximate. If you want to see exactly what happened, in most cases a video of the event is posted online by the event's hosts. If you have concerns about how you are quoted, please contact me via Archinect's email.

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