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    #19: 3/4 Review & Blogs- GSAPP Girl and GSAPP=Sleep

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 2, '11 12:51 PM EST

    Song:Millions by Evryone
    I heard this song in a Volvo commercial and I fell in hearts with it.
    Place: Living Room Studio
    Time: 12:51 PM

    We have 3/4 review on Monday and it's really getting down to the wire. We have been designing a library and I've taken the approach of looking at the post-digital library and the ramifications of digitization on the book.


    Book is Dead

    I've been designing a book decomposition factory in the mid-manhattan library and examining urban strategies and applying it to a building. Will post the actual building once I get some sweet renderings done, but here are some processes I've been working on.











    Our professor has confirmed Lebbeus Woods will be in our final review, excitement abound.

    Here are links to two other GSAPP blogs that I follow semi-religiously.

    Gsapp Girl by mysterious GSAPP girl. Don't know who this is but it is fun nonetheless.

    GSAPP = Sleep by Trevor Lamphier. He was my TA for ADR I and it's quite funny. A lot of pictures of George sleeping and one of James Franco in a lecture. You are right James, architecture lectures are soporific!

    P.S. I finished my professional portfolio but I think it's too late to apply for summer internships. OH well! I'm sure a lot of you can commiserate.

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