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Dec '10 - Aug '12

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    the warmest winter

    Deli Zhao Jan 7 '11 0

    *note:this entry is not about the global warming!!!

    during tokyo university's 15-day holiday,i experienced the warmest winter i ve ever had(it's true~my previous university's city harbin is pretty cold,which temperature in winter is normally around -30 centi degree )'s not only because of the temperature in winter and,10 centi degree temperature of tokyo...

    but also...

    lucky picture!!!

    trudy's nice wooden house and party~

    petroleum drilling site under construction in daqing,china...(don't ask me why i was there ( :

    automaticdesign's rehearse @ 326 school of architecture,hit,1 hour before the rock show that is specially for my return(stt:sparks)_some videos from the show: old song
    2.i love hit


    3d effect_ing

    *note again:all pics were developed during my 15-day holiday...


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