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    mapping + speed

    doreo Oct 24 '10 6
    This is another little bit of my thesis project. The first part is here.

    One mapping of the view out the car windshield along a vector.

    known knowns
    Projects designed for transient users require a method of representation that transcends static depictions of space, occupation, and circulation.

    Representation is inherently subjective.

    Activity and movement are inherently noisy and in representing it this noise is either lessened or amplified to achieve a certain effect.


    • bakema
      Oct 25, 10 1:57 am

      I see Perry Kulper, all the way from L.A.

      Oct 26, 10 12:17 pm

      perry is one of my advisors, but he's not involved until january. it must be a preemptive graphic strategy.

      Oct 26, 10 1:40 pm

      Is Neil your second?
      Both of are pretty amazing professors.

      Oct 26, 10 6:32 pm

      i have jason young and thom moran this semester and then perry replaces thom next semester.

      Oct 27, 10 11:47 pm

      Perry and Jason are both great. Take full advantage of your time with them. But make sure you have your voice and your own project. I could, also, read certain faculty members in your project so far. Perhaps you can explain how this semester is setup to prepare for the next/final one.

      Oct 28, 10 12:19 pm

      misen, just out of curiosity, who else do read in my project so far?

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