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    When the Wall Comes Down

    ryan trinidade Apr 29 '10 3

    With all the investment we put into representations of space, sometimes we forget that we are also makers of space - specifically the space around us. Recently, someone had the brilliant idea to project last nights Lakers/Thunder game in studio. A projector was signed out, some old plots re-purposed and until then; a partition wall separated the two second year studios. Sometimes the best architecture happens when we don't expect it.

    Lakers - 111 / Thunder - 87


    • Liebchen
      Apr 29, 10 2:04 am

      We watched "The Life Aquatic." We didn't have a wall to pin the old plots to, so we had to suspend sheets of corregated off-cuts as a backer. Here's the pic (circa 2007)

      Phillip CrosbyPhillip Crosby
      Apr 29, 10 8:35 am

      we used to watch games in studio at georgia tech via a similar method all the time... we also "borrowed" a projector for a superbowl party and project on to a wall so that the "tv" was 8ft wide...

      ryan trinidade
      Apr 29, 10 1:21 pm

      nothing like entertainment to bring studios together. we still find ways to enjoy ourselves (right?)

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