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Feb '10 - Mar '11

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    Spring Break Reading

    doreo Feb 28 '10 3

    Atlas of Novel Tectonics for Design Computing (Digital Project)

    Society of the Spectacle and Points+Lines for Studio

    Cadillac Desert for American Space

    Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies and Architectures of the Near Future for Theory



    • iheartbooks
      Mar 1, 10 7:55 am

      Atlas of Novel Tectonics, Society of the Spectacle, Theoretical Anxiety are all great. A bit heavy though. You might want to mix in some booze so you don't overdose on architectural theory.

      Ryan Joseph Simons
      Mar 1, 10 1:55 pm

      I just picked up Atlas of Novel Tectonics the other day. Society of the Spectacle gets heavy quickly, but puts a lot of today's mediation into perspective. I also picked up Heidegger's Being and Time for spring break, but I'll most likely be catching up on studio work & trying to properly diagram Palladio's Villa Foscari. Let us know how Pints+Lines helps with studio.

      Mar 1, 10 7:31 pm

      You could use some Clive Cussler in there as well...

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