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    2x4 Lecture and Poster

    Samuel Mortimer Feb 22 '10 2

    Michael Rock (Principal of 2x4 design studio) gave a lecture today as part of our Robert B. Church Lecture Series.

    You can watch the lecture here.

    How about this poster for our spring series?

    Designed by 2x4. Not my favorite.




    • FRaC
      Feb 23, 10 4:30 pm

      thanks for linking that lecture - i've been a fan of 2x4 since the mid 90's and all that oma stuff. i like the film/graphic design discussion and talking about space in graphic design .. good stuff though not super exciting or anything that blows my mind. the book on 'wired' was cool getting all those graphs and coming to conclusions about what wired is all about and trends that wired repeats.

      yeah that poster doesn't blow me away although when i first looked at it i thought it was three posters. but it's actually just one poster, right? again they're working with space and layers and sort of the screen/t.v./computer monitor idea to convey information.

      i always liked their really stripped down and 'stupid' website - very nice and simple. michael rock rocks.

      Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Feb 23, 10 4:44 pm

      FRac i always like stripped down and stupid, when it comes to the web especially.

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