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    SUM09/03 - Sad Findings

    I was browsing Architect today, as usual, and I found an advertisement from my university. Curious...

    I clicked on it and came to this page...

    and then this one...

    and this one...

    and this...

    While the business of executing architecture is important, the advertisement stated "Explore the architectural design process at the Univ. of Washington". I'll quote it again, "ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PROCESS" !!!!!

    I don't know who is behind getting this ad across the web, nor do I really care, but my findings made me sad. I hope this image of UW is not one that people stumble to often.

    **Drama above, Logistics below.**

    The link should take you to the College of Built Environments or the Department of Architecture, but it's misleading because it takes you to the University of Washington Extension, which is more business/certificate/corporate. I mean, many of the classes are online; reminds me of DeVry University Online.



    • b3tadine[sutures]
      Aug 18, 09 10:24 pm

      easy there sparky. the first link would tip off any prospective student that they might or might not be in the right area of the website. if i were perhaps a post Barch i might be interested in a certificate program, if i were a hopeful barch applicant then i would find my way back to the barch program. it's all just a goofy google issue, misreading your preferences?

      Aug 19, 09 9:54 am

      Aw, ha. =/

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