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    It's that time of the year again!

    Erica May 6 '09 14

    No one has to say anything; my blogging on archinect has been nothing but abysmal of late. So for that, I apologize. The truth of the matter is, I am not a very interesting person and I find it a bit of a challenge to think that anyone would have a remote interest in what I am up to. For the past four months, I've moved twice, sewed two-headed teddy bears, read Cormac McCarthy's The Road at an unhealthy pace, caught up on all the shows I've missed during school (Dexter is fantastic) and listened to too many Bruce Springsteen covers for my own good.


    As mentioned sometime previous, Waterloo is a co-op school, requiring a total of 20 months of work to graduate. So after our first twelve months of school, we were rather forcefully pushed out of our nest to plunge to the ground trying to find work with our rather pitiful portfolios. And, of course, with the economy as it was/is, a great deal of offices turtled up on the idea of interns or recuritment in general. So that was a bit of a struggle, but most of my class did well off and now we are back in Cambridge for another four months ofcrits and trauma. To be honest, right now as I am thinking about doing a pin-up after having not done one in a while, my stomach is doing jumping jacks at the anxiety of it all. You'd think that you would get used to all this, but as a belgium architect that I worked for once confessed to me on the night before a deadline, "You NEVER get used to it." So that's comforting.

    I suppose the one thing that is acting as a counter weight to the depression of being back in Cambridge is the fact that for the first time, I am living by myself (!). I was fortunate enough to find a unit in an old building that is a stone's throw away from the school for an extremely good price. The idea is that since I am so close to school, I will actually make the effort to go home to sleep instead of sleeping on my cutting board as I was infamous for doing during first year. We will see how this theory plays out--or rather how long I commit to it until I give up and curl up on any form of clean surface I can find.

    Something that makes me exceedingly happy: There is a very cute kitty that comes to my window everyday.


    Back to normal blogging soon, I promise. And for those who are actually curious about how my da Vinci-Kramer sleep cycle worked out, I will do an update on that. (Spoiler: I am back to my normal sleep cycle... for now.)

    Again! I am terribly sorry that I've been so quiet. Hopefully the new term will be full of all kinds of exciting and masochistic projects for me to share with Archinect.



    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      May 7, 09 12:02 am

      The tale continues!
      Welcome back...

      May 13, 09 9:47 am

      In honor of a large Chinese restaurant called the Kowloon, my aunt once bought a cow stuffed animal and a loon stuffed animal, sewed them together and placed a recording of a mixed loon call and moo inside it.

      May 13, 09 1:44 pm

      Can we say, best aunt ever?

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      Nov 12, 09 11:10 am

      "I am not a very interesting person and I find it a bit of a challenge to think that anyone would have a remote interest in what I am up to"

      I think most people declare themselves as uninteresting! How others see you is often very different. Sewing two-headed teddy bears ticks my box! lol

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