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Aug '08 - May '09

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    34hrs and counting...

    Courtney Healey Apr 24 '09 0

    just sent my last poster to print... collages are always my favourite part... never got around to making a rhino model comprehensive enough to render so just took some screen shots, traced and photoshopped... i'm pretty happy... still have half of a 1:200 model and a 1:500 massing to do...

    first three are sketches of my three new points of entry to the FAB Center, in hierarchical order: the main entrance and lobby at 70-72 East 4th Street, secondary entrance to rehearsal & performance spaces across the street at 79-81 and a third entrance to studios and admin spaces in 59-61...


    this next set shows some of the connection points and circulation btwn the multiple existing buildings and my new layer of intervention...



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