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    simple truths

    Nikhil Shah Apr 10 '09 1

    most architects don't know how to dance or throw parties

    except ashe house!
    they know

    has anyone seen le dernier combat?
    movie is badass!


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    • artmom
      Apr 28, 09 9:47 am

      Hi Nikhil,

      I'm a son is accepted into the architecture program at NC State. We're debating between this school and Pratt Institute. I understand that Pratt will give him a good design background, but also feel the NC State has a well rounded program that might prepare him for more "real world" projects and employment.

      Do you feel that NC State has been a good choice for you? Your work looks amazing, so that's probably a yes. Does the school help with finding summer internships? Did you attend the Prague program? How do you feel about the professors/student support system?

      Any thoughts that you can share with me would be very much appreciated. We're down to the wire, and the money that would be spent at Pratt is a big factor.

      Thank you,

      Emily Roberts

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