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    [AAPhD] Designated Graffiti Area

    By Kirk Wooller
    Jul 2, '09 10:50 AM EST

    The PhD Programme exhibit (created by Emanuel de Sousa and yours truly) for this year's AA Projects Review plays on the tension between officially sanctioned architectural research (certified and library-catalogued AA PhD dissertations from the grand old days of yesteryear) and more recent, uncertified research-in-progress; research that, while perhaps considering itself as somewhat subversive, will more than likely end up becoming just another background tile on the wall of knowledge.

    Or will it…

    [Image: AA reception wall, tiled with library catalogue entries of completed AA PhD dissertations; photo by Kirk Wooller].

    [Image: Wallpaper tiles... clean; photo by Kirk Wooller].

    [Image: 'Designated Graffiti Area' and someone's quite fitting post-graffiti graffiti; photo by Kirk Wooller].

    [Image: AA reception tagged with (predominantly, for now...) research-in-progess; photo by Kirk Wooller].

    [Image: AA reception tagged; photo by Kirk Wooller].

    AA Projects Review is on from the 3rd to 25th July. Marker pens not included.

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