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    Nkiru Mar 9 '09 5

    This is my last entry as the Rice university school of architecture administrator for Archinect. I wish I had posted more, commented more etc. I need to launch my own website or look for another blog spot where I can keep throwing things up (ha ha). I'm excited about the future. I feel as though, over the last 8 years of tutorials, crits, reviews and experience, I have been able to really crystallize my architectural interests. So now, post thesis I have a clear avenue of pursuit... and I'm excited. Wish me luck. Bye Rice, it's been ultra violet.image



    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Mar 9, 09 10:48 pm

      So what now?

      Mar 10, 09 11:25 pm

      For the immediate future I'm working on organizing and presenting my work. That monster called portfolio. Not an easy task.

      In the "current economic climate" I am not searching for a position in an office that's 'right' for me and I'm actually happy about that.

      My efforts are geared towards exhibiting my work, applying for research grants and developing my ideas further through design competitions. I'm pleased that the change in US leadership has turned thoughts (and spending) to infrastructure and public works. So I've been able to find more than a few calls for entries exploring,reinventing and envisaging a future city where infrastructure generates new types of urbanisms and public space.

      I'd like to head to LA.... we'll see.

      Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Mar 11, 09 11:24 am

      I too am very interested in the new focus in and possiblities of infrastructure.
      I think your thesis is a great exampel of news ways to explore the concept of infrastructure and what it means...
      Combining network thinking and old-school physical infrastructure...
      LA seems like a good place for such thoughts to be developed and applied.
      Good luck.

      Apr 24, 09 3:06 am

      Goodbye Nkiru- Thanks for the insight!
      Hello Melissa- I'll keep an eye on you young lady..

      Nov 11, 09 11:46 am

      Best of luck to you, Nkiru - hope you make it out to LA! I too hope that Obama's campaign promises of infrastructure upgrades actually pan out - we sure need it!
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