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    Dear Prospective SALA Director...

    Courtney Healey Feb 18 '09 6

    the ten questions I just forwarded to the search committee... i'm sure you'll recognize many ideas from around archinect and archischool... any more ideas, what would you want to know from a prospective Director?

    1. What is your position on fostering a single school identity vs. multiple viewpoints on design, research and pedagogy? What models would you employ to support your position?

    2. What would your ideal relationship be between the school and the city, the local profession and the larger discipline and how would you make that relationship happen?

    3. Where do you see architectural education heading in general, where do you want it to head, what do you think about increased specialization within education, what role should technology play?

    4. What is the relevance of the individual graduation thesis today?

    5. Draw a diagram of the relationship that you would like to see among students, faculty and administration; what is your position on administrative hierarchy, tenure, faculty research, standard vs. flexible curriculum?

    6. Draw a diagram of the relationship you would like to see among the Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Ends programs? How do we relate to the University at large?

    7. Describe your first 100days in office?

    8. What is great about where you teach now? What would you change?

    9. Do you have any preconceptions about Canadian Architecture, Canadian Education or Canada in general, how do you see Canadian-ness factoring into your teaching and/or administrating, do you think it should? What do you think about regional vs. international focus to architectural education?

    10. When I say SALA, you say _________?


    plus... some ideagrams from thesis midreviews... gotta get a tiny bit more specific now;) and tone down the "post-occupation" vibe that my committee seemed to be getting last week... oops... sometimes collages can get away from me... larger images here...






    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Feb 18, 09 8:14 am

      What is Ends Program?

      Courtney Healey
      Feb 18, 09 12:06 pm

      it's the Undergrad ENvironmental DeSign program, sometimes referred to as BENDS b/c they receive a Bachelor of Environmental Design,... Arch and Larch are both Masters programs, MArch and MLA...

      Feb 18, 09 12:19 pm

      as a prospective student to SALA.... is this a good thing that Ray Cole is leaving and someone new is coming in? I started my b.EDS at Dalhousie as they were trying out a new director and we went through 2 during my 2 years there... it was not good, not cohesive and I didn't like being the guinea pig.
      What are your thoughts as a current student there?

      Courtney Healey
      Feb 18, 09 12:42 pm

      Ray will still teach and do his sustainability centre stuff. SALA was only formed a couple of years ago and he was the first interim director... that said, the former SoA also had a faculty member as interim director when i arrived and this is the second Director Search i will have seen at the end of four years... I commented on someone else's blog a while back that it makes me feel kinda bad that no one wants to come and Direct my school, but maybe this time will be different.

      I won't lie, every single class has complained about being a guinea pig since i arrived... so that's about 7 consecutive classes... but I do think it's getting better, the experiments seem like their headed toward cohesion, tweaking rather than just totally messing around. The curriculum has changed significantly since i started as well, but again, for the better. You should visit and see for yourself, this is very subjective stuff...

      Feb 18, 09 12:56 pm

      Thanks, this is good info.... definitely sounds like it won't be as chaotic as Dal was. I'm glad to hear Ray isn't leaving, I'm looking forward to learning from him.
      Thanks for the honest answer... and yes, once I find out if I'm accepted or not...I will be coming over for a visit and hopefully get a sense of things. I'm just over here on the island, super close.
      On a totally unrelated note.... do you have any insider's views on the admissions committee? Do they review apps over the break? Any for sure acceptances yet? trying to be patient, but it's not working :)

      Courtney Healey
      Feb 18, 09 2:40 pm

      ha! i sat on the admissions committee a couple of years ago and it's definitely an interesting process... i know they're reviewing applications over the break but i don't know anything about acceptances... though they usually let people know pretty promptly. Trish (the admissions guru) is very on top of things, i'd imagine you'll hear by the end of the month, but don't quote me on that ;)... good luck!

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