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    upload vs. recharge

    Samuel Mortimer Feb 13 '09 0

    Thanks for the comments and downloads of the journal. We should be undertaking a larger scale distribution process in the near future, so hopefully these will find their way to an place of architecting near you.

    We are about a week and some change out from our presentation in Norris with (what should be) a final design concept and first iteration of our competition boards.

    (see: 2009 + EPA p3 competition)

    We are getting close, but there is still certainly lots to do. I am ready to finish these drawings though and start making models, that's for sure.

    I uploaded some relevant images from a presentation we gave recently to our co-conspirators in the planning department who are part of our interdisciplinary team.

    Hopefully some better images of the actual house soon. I know Levi had some renderings going earlier, but I haven't seen the files pop up in our folder yet. More to come....



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School blog of BArch student Samuel Mortimer kept from 2008 - 2011. Mostly late-night musings of the studio, but with an emphasis of the events of the College of Architecture and Design and University of Tennessee on the whole. Later blogs discuss participation in the New Norris House project, as both a student and researcher hired after graduation.

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