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Sep '06 - Nov '08

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    Studio Space Update

    ichweiB Nov 3 '08 0

    I have not posted much about what is actually being made in Studio because, honestly, it is not much. I am not interested in making excuses, but it has been difficult. Personally, Studio for me is where I can focus, make things, and even relax when I need to. Unfortunately, I have not had the ability to make my studio space what I need it to be based on how I work and like to work. I don't have a setup at home to work at, so I mostly find myself and my laptop at coffee shops in the Heights or fighting for a decent workspace in the MD Anderson Library on campus.

    Fortunately, I can come down to my undergraduate's studio space and work at their desks before they show up. I usually work down here with them and if they have questions, I can answer them. I hope to get some images up of what I have been making and experimenting with, but for now, I have some images of the construction work that has overtaken what use to be graduate studio spaces



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