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    Hey there, NYC school bloggers...

    Courtney Healey Oct 29 '08 0

    or anyone else who might be able to help...

    so my thesis site is gonna be the East Fourth Street Cultural District... aka "FAB" on 4th St. btwn Bowery and 2nd Ave... check out this post for some more info on the project...

    Through a few contacts I have, I am pretty confident that I'll be able to get decent current plans, sections and images of some of the buildings on the block, but I am still looking for any plan drawings, historic maps and images of the larger LES/East Village area... or any other info you might think is relevant and interesting... I know someone has a studio site not far down Bowery, is there maybe a drawing floating around out there? I also know WORKac did a renovation for the Creative Time offices in a loft in one of the buildings 59-61... fun fact... its across the hall from where I used to... uh... work for the Lower East Side Printshop before they moved to Midtown... anyway, do any of Dan/Amale's students think they might be open to some questions about the renovation?

    Anyway, I'll be at my parents (in NJ) for three weeks at christmas, so will be able to visit a few of the arts organizations on the block, but if anyone has any suggestions on where to find some of the above material I'd really appreciate it, either online, book suggestions or a physical resource I can visit while I'm there...

    Thanks in Advance... in gratitude I give you this...


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