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    Photos of Dartmouth Oct 11 '08 3

    Across the harbour from Halifax.






    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Oct 11, 08 6:53 pm

      I continue to be impressed and struck by the beauty of your images of a working seaport/industrial town.
      Ahhh, Halifax.

      will gallowaywill galloway
      Oct 11, 08 10:17 pm

      funny that i lived there and never really thought of halifax/dartmouth as an industrial town...

      now I've traveled a bit it actually reminds me a fair bit of liverpool. economically under the weather for years but somehow still getting along...barely.

      when i was there, except for all the universities it seemed the rest of the economy was pretty quiet...certainly there was very little employment at the time, though not as bad as N.B. or newfoundland...are things better now?
      Oct 13, 08 8:26 am


      I have only been here for just over a month, and I'm not working so I have only some exposure to the job sector, but from my understanding there is a limited amount of employment available.

      There are co-op work terms in my program, and I expect to [have to] go elsewhere to complete them.

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