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    1st drug bust of the day...

    Courtney Healey Oct 11 '08 1

    Ok... as I am writing this, a dude was just slammed up against our window and tackled by four cops... a fifth cop recovered the fakest looking fake gun I've seen since childhood... super shiny silver with the price-tag still on it... about five minutes ago I was walking back from getting a coffee and noticed all four young Honduran dudes that have been hanging out outside for weeks were each approached by a customer at the same time... and then kablamo! and well, that's all I can say about that excitement...

    DTS, foto_CH

    Otherwise, I've been here since 11am, its 3:30 now, two weeks until thesis mid-reviews and the studio is dead quiet... I'm playing catch-up since being away, but is everyone else finished?!? its kinda freaky... OH! wait, it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, that might help explain the silence...

    Moved into the Downtown Studio on Monday... plenty of space... only thesis students + me down here this semester (no pesky studios).

    My workspace, foto_CH

    My desk, foto_CH

    Its quite a hike up to the UBC campus from Downtown, so this studio is way more convenient for me, though I do think segregating thesis students from the rest of the school is just bad practice...


    Since I've been away, the view outside the windows in the Downtown Studio has changed pretty dramatically... The Carrall Street Greenway project is in full swing and the street is shut down for construction. The absence of buses and traffic has created a junkie playground just outside our gates... in years past drug deals and intake went down about 30 feet from our front door in the alley opposite... but now, protected by construction fencing, they are free to set up camp right out on the sidewalk... The scene has been typically benign so far... but its kind of strange to witness the aggressive and pointless attempts at "beautification" in the face of such abject poverty and addiction.

    ah, how I've missed you, Downtown East Side...


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