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    UBC's Fall 2008 lecture "series"

    While some others have posted their lecture series posters/line-ups... things over at UBC SALA have reached historic levels of higgeldy-piggeldy-ness...

    I have been able to find out about 5 lectures that are happening in the next two weeks... and I would like to think being on the other side of the globe is what made finding out about them difficult, however, after nearly four years at this school I can tell you this is business as usual...

    October 6 at 5:30 in Macmillan Bldg, Room 166, Landscape Architecture Faculty Position Candidate, Vincent DeBritto, will lecture "On His Work".

    I found out about this via an email from the Landscape Department Secretary forwarded to "all students" from the Architecture Department Secretary on October 3.

    October 8 from 6:30 - 8:30 in Lasserre Bldg Room 104, A group of students from a summer Study Abroad to Italy will present their work.

    I found out about this through an email from the Architecture Department secretary on October 1, and as of yesterday it was on the homepage of the SALA website.

    October 9 at 5:30 in Forest Science Centre, Room 1221, Landscape Architecture Faculty Position Candidate, Beth Diamond, will lecture on "Teaching: Tomorrow's Visionaries"

    This was in the same email from the Landscape Department Secretary on October 3

    October 10 at 6pm in Robson Square Lecture Room 300, Yu Kongjian will present the "2008 Cornelia Oberlander Lecture" entitled "turenscape".

    I found out about this because I had heard a rumor that a certain public lecture series in Vancouver called "Light Resource Lectures" had been cancelled and I Google searched it and stumbled onto this page.

    October 14 from 7:00 - 9:00 in Robson Square Lecture Room 300, Beatriz Colomina will present the Curator's Lecture for the Vancouver exhibition of Clip/Stamp/Fold.

    I found out about this because I happened to click on a new "Lectures" button on the SALA webpage and it was the only thing that came up.

    Experience tells me that we will be reminded again of each of these lectures on the day of the lecture via an email from the Department Secretary and/or someone will tack homemade letter-sized flyers around the studio for each lecture.

    I'm sure there will be some more... I'll let you know when I know... so probably about 5-10 days prior... the student societies usually put together a lunchtime lecture series... most years faculty will put together some sort of low-key series... and then there is the odd surprise visitor... two years ago there was also a super-eager young adjunct prof who put together a really good series... and last year the school inaugurated an annual Arthur Erickson Lecture with Fumihiko Maki... I guess anything's possible...

    My flight back to Vancouver leaves in 9.5hrs... it will take me 24hrs to get there... Berlin - London - Houston - Vancouver... Classes started about 5 weeks ago... writing this post about lectures has made me sort of depressed to go back...


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