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Sep '06 - Nov '08

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    UH+Ike: All School Meeting and Building Pictures

    ichweiB Sep 22 '08 4

    Today, Dean Mashburn along with various representatives from the College as well as the University held an all College meeting to discuss the course of action after hurricane Ike hitting last week. Our building suffered the most damage within the entire University (ironic?), and therefore, a whole lot is going on. Here's basically a breakdown of issues the College is facing:

    1. 4th floor has mold growth in addition to the rest of the building-mold is growing rapidly.
    Despite this issue, experts have indicated that air quality indoors is better than outdoor(but this is Houston so I guess that is a relative statement)

    2. Library & Slide Library devastated
    South Side of Library Collection has been moved to the MD Anderson Main University Library
    North Side Collection taken off site to be treated for mold. Significant amount of collection destroyed including various items in rare book collection
    *Luckily, the slide, video, and dvd collection was backed up digitally.

    3. Computer lab will be fully functional by December: So forget this semester
    Lost 10 computers, but 3 of the 4 plotters are working

    4. Majority of ceilings are being removed and batt insulation under roof decking is being removed as well
    a plastic wall canopy is being erected to protect students from mold spores or debris that could potentially get into the air
    so basically we'll be working under a temporary plastic protective covering with workers on scaffolding around us

    5. Only a few classrooms are usable and lectures are being moved to other locations on campus

    That is the general state of the College overall. Today, our Graduate Comprehensive Studio met to discuss how we would move on. Both Ronnie and Tom were very open about the fact that they are a bit unclear of how to move on which I appreciated. Our studio space is less than desirable to work in-we're turning our studio space into basically a model fabrication area but computer work will probably be done at home (if we have power) or at other various locations. Right now, it is difficult to even work there because fans are being used to dry the building and communication between students and professors is very difficult.

    Pin up space is also an issue. Since it is difficult to even talk to each other in studio, finding a good space to present is a challenge.

    So, we'll see how it goes. The Dean was very adamant about studios not being moved off site so that we still work as a school. I think I agree with that, but I will say it is going to be a challenge.

    As for my undergraduate studio I am teaching, my students seem to be fine. Some of their work endured water damage and humidity warped some things, but overall, we're just playing catchup. The undergraduate profs are reviewing the syllabus before we give out a new one to the students. Definitely a lot going on. Attached are some images of the building.




    ... it's a bit obvious why the roof got ripped off. notice how awful the detail is that "attached" the roof to the decking




    • WonderK
      Sep 23, 08 2:17 am

      Michael, you're a trooper. Sucks for your building but at least you are all OK. Good luck to you.

      Do you have any bigger pictures or a Flickr or something? The ones that you posted are so tiny it's hard to see what the space looks like, let alone what you are talking about.....

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Sep 23, 08 7:53 am

      sounds rough, michael. with the katrina events, schools HAD to figure out a way to get students served at other schools during cleanup. this sort of stay-here limbo will likely be more challenging than that was - though i also agree that your dean wanting to keep the community together is a good idea.

      Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Sep 23, 08 8:42 am

      Wow good luck. Sounds as if this semester wil be challenging in many ways.
      At least i suppose, the fact that the school is forging ahead is a positive...

      Sep 23, 08 1:14 pm

      sure. i will get some larger images up.

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