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    Riding out Ike

    ichweiB Sep 12 '08 3

    Thursday was a waste of time as far as actually going to school. I spent the night building models and working on drawings for our first review,but studio was quickly canceled with the majority of Houston evacuating due to the hurricane.

    Since I am teaching undergrad studio, I had to make an executive decision about canceling as well (which I did). The majority of my students commute and wouldn't have been there anyhow. So, I was hoping to show some of the initial ideas of our studio in addition to the work my undergraduates have been doing, but that'll have to wait until the storm passes.

    Thursday was spent at long lines at the grocery store buying the essentials. I am camping out with a few Architecture friends in an apartment here in the city-tape is one the windows and we're about to board them up. Luckily, we made it out today to get a good breakfast before the tropical storms make their way. I think we'll be safe.

    The majority of Houston is staying put which is directly opposite of what happened 3 years ago with hurricane Rita when all of Houston got stuck out on the highways(and we have many of them) only to have the hurricane not even dump rain on us-barely a drip.

    If you can imagine what an Architecture school evacuation looks like, it is pretty interesting. The College of Architecture at UH has studios that wrap around a 4 floor atrium allowing views to every studio on every floor. So, it is quite a site when hundreds of Architecture students are clearing their lockers carrying computers, printers, mayline bars, etc..I have been on the 4th floor the entire time, so I just grabbed my laptop and left everything else.

    Okay, so that's all for now. We'll see how it goes. I think it is suppose to be a category 3 by the time it hits Houston.












    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Sep 12, 08 3:20 pm

      Good luck and be safe!

      liberty bell
      Sep 13, 08 9:45 am

      Michael, I hope you are yours are safe - take pictures if you can, an architect's eye on a mess is always of interest to me, I think we tend to be optimistic about fixing things! Good luck.

      Sep 13, 08 8:22 pm

      Well, I took pictures of what I could. I went to the Architecture building once the storm passed to find part of the roof completely blown off. Every floor is currently flooded and it looks like we will not open up for about 2 weeks (per faculty assessment). It is a little depressing honestly - Studio finally started picking up and ideas were being generated, but now, it'll definitely be difficult transitioning back it seems.

      Houston, if you did not know, is comprised of various bayous that run through the city. This is great at handling the majority of storms that come through because we get so much rain, but hurricanes are a different story. UH is near Brays Bayou which organizes a lot of the east end neighborhoods and infrastructure-UH tends to get flooded because of it proximity to the Bayou.

      So, we'll see. A few people in studio got into the building to scope out our studio space. Luckily, my locker, and table didn't get wet which is nice.

      I'll get some pictures up when soon. We just got power back-amazing.

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