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    Gregory Dowell Sep 11 '08 3

    In my last post I mentioned that for my photo essay (investigating an addition to a historic structure) due Monday in studio that I had chosen SHoP's, The Porter House. Well it turns out that not only is The Porter House one of my professor's favorite works of architecture, but also, that he and Gregg Pasquarelli (the man behind the project at SHoP) are good friends having graduated from Columbia together.

    Discussing the building and its addition in terms of compatibility is a challenge in itself, but now there's the added pressure of that revelation. But I look forward to the challenge. The more I look at the building and the history behind the 1905 warehouse and how the Meatpacking District has evolved through the years, the addition is simply perfect.

    Oh and lucky for me, Gregg Pasqarelli is going to speak at Ball State and also teach our studio for a day. Awesome!



    • vado retro
      Sep 11, 08 4:20 pm

      when is he coming??? do you have a lecture list????

      liberty bell
      Sep 11, 08 4:27 pm

      Ha, vado beat me to it - is there a lecture series published?

      Gregory DowellGregory Dowell
      Sep 11, 08 5:15 pm

      There is no lecture list published yet. That's a little inside information for you. I thought he said it was October, but I'm not for sure. As soon as I know, I'll be sure to blog it.

      Ball State is known for having a comprehensive lecture series with speakers just about every week, but they've made some changes to it and they seem to be grabbing bigger names at the expense of fewer lectures.

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