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    bowling_ball Sep 7 '08 1

    So this here is my very first archinect school blog project post.

    I feel like I should introduce myself: I'm Dustin. I just turned 29 a few days ago. I am living in Winnipeg but I'm originally from southern Ontario, having lived in London, Hamilton and Toronto up until now. I have a prior bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from OCAD in Toronto.

    And now I'm on the long (Canadian) road to a M.Arch. For those of you who aren't acquainted with the Canadian system, well, that's a long story. So it's taking me four years to obtain that M.Arch. This is going to be my second year.

    Each year we have the choice of roughly a dozen different studios, each with 12 students. Studios are vertical, meaning that everybody from graduating undergrads to graduating masters students can be in the same studio. Students choose which studios they would like to participate in, and then they interview with the professor. It's competitive, and I have to say that I really like the system because there can be some excellent match-ups with students and faculty who both want to work together.

    As for me, my studio is called "ec:0" and is taught by Peter Sampson. The actual starting point for the project is that we'll be designing a 'net-zero' dwelling (read: no net consumption of operating energy). I know Peter, and he's big on two things: sustainability, and excellent details. So I think we're a good fit. And although Peter is an excellent critical designer, I've been assured that this studio is going to be a little more pragmatic than what I'm used to. Meat and Potatoes.

    We're planning trips to NYC and Toronto, and because the prof is the principal of his own firm here in town, we'll be exposed to a little more professional practice than last year. Which is all great if you ask me.

    Tomorrow seems to be the first real day of studio. Hopefully some time this week I'll be able to give a few more details about this upcoming year. I can't wait!


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