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    Ready... Set...


    All right already with the summer posts, this is a school blog project and I will blog about school if it kills me!

    School for me this year means… drumroll… THESIS oh, thesis, thesis…thesis…

    So the working title for Part 1: The Research, or at least what was on the proposal I submitted three weeks ago… KULTURFABRIEK: OLD… NEW… AND THE POLITICS OF USE, Historic Preservation and the Creative Class… I know it sounds a bit snoozy now, but the handbook on dissertations I read this summer strongly warned against assigning a sexy and/or cleverly hilarious title before actually completing any of the research, so I’m trying it out… I just read my statement again for about the fifth time this week, trying it on in various moods and settings, like a new dress you’re not quite sure if you like yet… and every time I read it, I feel simultaneously excited, terrified and confident… it’s a bit wordy and scattered yet, but I know there’s a project in there somewhere… maybe if my feelings land more squarely on confident I can post it here for scrutiny and feedback… hmmm… we’ll see… this year is gonna go by so fast…

    Meanwhile, 9hrs behind me in Vancouver… CS (my eyes and ears in the trenches) attended three consecutive and overlapping meetings on SALA’s official first day of classes…

    #1: meeting with Professor Chris MacDonald for TA-ing First Year Design Media*, he and the other TA (yet a third Chris) discussed their evil masterplan for screwing with… er… molding the tender minds of the first year class.

    *Design Media is basically an introduction to drawing conventions and heavy on exploring issues of representation, in previous years this course was team taught by Martin Lewis and John Bass who each had their own special way of fucking with your head, I’m interested to see what happens this year with C.Mac, a self-described “meat and potatoes” educator… though I think this is a recent kind of martyrdom he has decided to bear.

    The first assignment from my DM1 class, waaaay back in Fall 2005... still looking for some other assignments... representing my apartment... convention and rhetoric...


    #2: meeting with the workshop tech, Nick, and the rest of the Laser Cutter* TAs

    *SALA just got a bunch of fancy new equipment last year… laser cutter, 3d printer, flatscreen LCD monitors, free software, wireless printing, etc. so things are still very very precious and kept on a mighty short leash

    Can't find any images of my lasercut stuff, but here are some initial concept drawings for my advanced theory/digital wood fabrication seminar last term, UBC has a very well endowed forestry and wood sciences department with lots of fancy equipment that SALA is trying to get their hands on... hello hundegger...



    you can see an image of mike and ron's project that got built this summer

    #3: Information Session for students entering GPI and GPII (aka, Thesis part 1 or 2) hopefully he can fill me in later…


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