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    Final Review

    MK/AP May 13 '10 4

    Our final review was yesterday, so the semester has officially come to a close. Now all that's left to do is clean out studio, turn in tine sheets for TA jobs, and continue to catch up on sleep. We plan on posting this summer about our first year at WUSTL--including our own studio work, the work of other students/studios, our studio trip to Northern Europe, and whatever else comes to mind. Until then, here are a few pics from our final jury:

    Weil Arets presents our studio's framework to the jury, which included (from furthest to closest) Manuel Bailo, Stan Allen, Paul Lukez, Igor Marjanovic, and Eric Mumford.

    The review format was a bit different than what we've typically done. Groups of 5 students presented 20 or so slides in 3 minutes each (like pecha kucha but half the time). After a group of 5 completed their slide shows (on the large TV), the reviewers would go back to the beginning of that group and discuss each project individually, moving to view each student's pin up space. In the image above, one of my classmates is presenting (just outside of the frame to the left), but the work on the rolling panel is mine.

    Weil comments on Andrew Buck's work (Andrew's back to the camera). The afternoon jury included Stan Allen, Stephen Leet, Kathryn Dean and Robert McCarter (the studio's co-professor, who only spoke up from time to time). Ian Caine (in the foreground, back to the camera...a member of the WUSTL faculty until next Fall when he begins the SMarchS program at MIT) was on hand to observe the review for most of the day.


    You may notice the room doesn't look so crowded. Yesterday was the last day of reviews, which began a week and a half ago. By now, most everyone has moved out of studio and began their summer vacations, so the school (and final reviews) are less crowded than usual. Nevertheless, we did have a steady stream of visitors, including faculty and students from both grad and undergrad.

    That's all for now. Thanks for reading,


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