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    More lectures... More sustainability

    Courtney Healey Oct 23 '08 0

    I don't know if its our beautiful views, the proximity to pristine wilderness, or just good old fashioned Al Gore type environmentalism... definitely a combination of things... but UBC SALA has been on a soul searching mission to define the school's identity since the recent merger of the Landscape Architecture and Architecture departments... seems like they are settling squarely on being a centre for "Sustainable Architecture."


    BC coastline near the Alaskan border, fotos CH

    To that end, SALA's first Director is Dr. Ray Cole, an engineer known for furthering the theory and practice of building environmental assessment, being instrumental in the adaptation of the LEED system in Canada, the creation of the Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) at UBC, the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability and the Green Building Challenge (GBC) process, an initiative to assess the progress in green building practices internationally.

    Plus, last year a group of first-years started the UBC EMERGING GREEN BUILDERS who "will engage a robust interdisciplinary network of students, scholars, professors, practitioners, and administrators concerned with the future of the built environment. We intend to provide students and new professionals affordable resources for integrating green design in their studies and practice. Further, it is our mission to partake in advancing UBC and the Pacific Northwest as a global leader in sustainable design, development, and building."

    And this year a new faculty position was developed for a "Sustainability Professor" really a joint 75/25% position shared with Civil Engineering for a Building Science, Technology and Design Prof

    these two candidates for the position will lecture this week...



    in addition, NY-based conceptual artist, Dan Graham will give a talk next week...



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